Top 8 Ibiza Facts

Ibiza the capital of entertainment and summer adventures. Located in Spain , Ibiza is one of the four Balearic islands. Famous for its amazing beaches and sleepless nights, Ibiza is home for many Djs resident in the island , and tourists eager to comeback every year. Here 8 things that you probably didn’t know about ibiza.

1. The local name of Ibiza is “Eivissa”

Ibiza is the Spanish name of the city which is correctly pronounced as “I-bith-a” but the Catalan name of the city is Eivissa. Some of the signs write Eivissa instead of Ibiza.

2. Ibiza is a mountain

Ibiza is not an island but an ancient mountain top.

Ibiza is nestled on the Balearic mountain range. 5 million years ago, the Mediterranean basin was flooded during the Zanclean flood allowing the Atlantic Ocean to pour in through what is now the Straits of Gibraltar which created the Mediterranean Sea or Med – Assio Ibiza and left the mountain tops which are now known as the Balearic Islands.

3. You can walk the entire coastline of Ibiza over 11 days

Toby Clarke is the founder of Walking Ibiza that offers tours around the island. He walked the entire coastline of Ibiza in 11 days with just €1 and his dog Cosmo. He is now offering walking tours around the island that features hidden ancient ruins, a five million year old stone bridge, and crystal clear coves than can only be accessed on foot.

4. Ibiza is surrounded by water but doesn’t have fresh water

Santa Eulalia Riu, the only river in Ibiza, dried up in the late seventies and so the supply of fresh water on the island is hidden in deep natural underground reservoirs.

5. Ibiza is “The Entertainment Island of the World”

Ibiza was given this title by the Guinness Book of World Records in the 1990s because of its party status.

6. The soil in Ibiza is colored Orange

Ibiza’s soil is orange in color. Ibiza has a lot of pine trees. The orange color of the soil is caused by the stain from the tannins in the pine needles that fall from the pine trees.

7. The water around Ibiza is clear because of Neptune grass

The waters in Ibiza are crystal clear because of the seaweed Neptune grass that keeps the water sparkling, clean, pure, and untainted.

8. Pacha is the oldest club in Ibiza

Pacha is one of the world-famous clubs which apparently is the oldest club on the island that started in 1973.

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